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2012-03-27 19:10:33 by Patar121

s'goin on

Parody of lemon and bill yeah!

2012-03-10 18:09:24 by Patar121

Got bored of studying and made this animation....turns out the test was as easy as shit so i dont regret making this

Parody of lemon and bill yeah!

Got some new animations on there that i really cant put on newgrounds cause it would get blammed

idk i got like 3.5 or some crap im pretty pissed, but just released an expermenal video OMG

Its a short but i think its gonna be pretty funny

Yo after practicing animation for the past 5 months or something i think im finally ready to make my first serious animation though prob nobody is reading this....

Just practicing

2011-12-28 13:30:28 by Patar121

Felt like putting an update lol

I am working on a new 30 sec vidoe and its taking me forever....


2011-03-21 16:26:20 by Patar121

Just being bored and creating a flash animation (hopefully better than my first_)